Tuesday, January 24, 2012


So, I just learned about favicons. Favicons is the little icon beside the website tab. So if you go to facebook, facebook's favicon, a blue box with an f in it, will appear on the tab. Or on a blogger site, an orange square with a B in it will appear. The Pioneer Woman's favicon is a butterfly.

I just made a favicon for my MerrieMelody.com website, so I thought I'd tell you how I did it.

First of all, I went into Gimp, which is a free download editor similar to photoshop, and clicken on File: New. I chose the size I wanted: 16x16. I used a black background. Then I clicked on the text tool, wrote a white M in Curlz, and centered it on my black background. Then I saved it as a .jpg

Then, I went to www.favicon.cc On the left sidebar it offered to "import image". Then I browsed until I found where I had saved my favicon.jpg image. It pulled it up and changed it into a .ico image, which is what it needed to be to show up on the tab. I then saved it back onto my computer.

Then, I went to the "root" of my website and uploaded my favicon.ico file. The root of your website is the backroom where you upload info to your website. Once you put it there, it will "magically" appear on the tab when your website is displayed.