Thursday, November 5, 2009

About "Tables and Table Data"

Yesterday I wrote up the tutorial teaching how to format a blog post using html coding to format a table and the data to go in that table. One thing I didn't explain is why you might want to use this process.

Learning to format within existing code (the existing code makes your blog look how it does, usually by using existing templates that you choose) expands your horizons. It is simply learning how to work within the bounderies you have been given.

A while ago, I wanted to create a post which had pictures on one side with words to describe those pictures in a somewhat poetic way on the other side. I had a definate way I wanted the post to look, but I needed to use html code to get it to look that certain way.

Another time I just wanted to change the background color of my post along with the text, just to get it to stand out a bit and look a little different.

By creating columns, inserting breaks, and adding a different background color I could position the pics and the words any way I wanted and give the post the exact look and feel I was going for.

Existing templates are wonderful tools, but when you want a custom look, oft times handcoding with html is exactly what is needed.

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