Monday, October 6, 2008

Link Button Code for Others to Link to Your Blog (A.K.A. Linky ( Link ) Love )

"Linky ( link ) love is linking, usually unsolicited, to a site you enjoy, admire, or find useful." (source:

Today Maren called me and asked how to set up a link button that gives others the code to add to their blogs to link to her. I found the code and modified it to her blog. So this is how it looks on her site:

    Link to Me

This is how to do it for yourself:

<li><a href=""><img alt=""
.jpg"/></a> <br/> Link to Me<br/>
<textarea rows="10" cols="15" name="html">
<a href=""><img
.jpg" source="blank"/></a></textarea>

Now let's break it down just a bit, okay?

We are going to pay close attention to the parts that say, <a href= > and <img src= > okay?

The "a href" means that address is our destination. Whatever address we put in there will be where the link "clicks" to. So for SahmSisters, their destination is: <a href=""> For yours, it will be whatever addy is displayed in the address bar of your blog, ok? I suggest copying and pasting that address, just so that you don't miss any slashes or letters. So copy and paste the address, including it all in "quote marks". Add your complete addy to all of the places that have <a href="> Be sure to replace your address with SahmSisters' every time you see it in the code.

This paragraph added 10/22/08
One more thing that I remember now (several weeks later) to tell you: if you do want to be able to link to a friend, but don't want people to have to leave your page to do it, add target=new in the <a href=> tag, this is how it will look:
<a href="TheURLtoYourLinkMate" target=new>

There is one other place you'll need to fill in. It is the <img src= > spot. That stands for image source, or the address where that picture is located. Understanding how to find the picture name after you have uploaded it to your blog can be a little tricky, but will be easy after you do it a couple of times.

Upload your picture somewhere on your blog. It doesn't matter if it is uploaded as a sidebar gadget or directly in a post. Once you see it on your blog, move your curser directly over the picture and right click with your mouse. One option you will see is "Properties", that is the one to choose. You will see a lot of info about the picture including its size and dimensions, but we want to pay attention to the Address/URL. Highlight everything from http:// to the ending of .jpg .gif .whatever, okay? Then paste that address into the spot on our linky form that says, <img src=" "> make sure that your picture addy is included in the "quote marks" just like in <a href=" "> That is all there is to it!

Then just save it the way that you do any other "gadget" on your blog and see if it works. If it doesn't, open the "gadget" back up and see if you added the right img src= address and a href= address. If you simply can't get it after trying, I'll be happy to look at your code and see what went wrong, okay?

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